shawlI promise that I am working on the Master Knitter Level 1. I swear! It is just slow going. I didn’t realize how much there is still to be done. In the mean time, I decided to knit the Sonetto Shawl for Nate’s 1st grade teacher before school is out. Nothing like a quick dead line to make me feel somewhat panicky. I can probably get it done by June 6th. Probably. ¬†The only thing is, I’m not sure I have enough of this yarn to make a decent sized shawl. I’m using the left over skein of Malabrigo that I knit the Shore Shawl with for my grandma. There is more than half a skein. I have no idea what the colorway is if I am even to attempt to match it.

I love this pattern. It is so easy to knit once you get the pattern established. I want to make a million of them. Well, a few anyway. It looks great in the Malabrigo. (Which is my favorite yarn, btw. I stash it like a squirrel stashes nuts.)

I have 8 days, wish me luck.


Happy Knitting!


tkganewlogo1How funny is that? Master Knitter, huh? Oh yeah, that’s me. I started on this a long long time ago. In a galaxy far far away…never mind, I digress.

I was so gung-ho in the beginning. I had these romantic fantasies of finishing this project in a month. I did knit most of the swatches in about 2 weeks. Then something happened. At this point, I’m not sure what. Maybe some new yarn came in the mail, or did I buy a new knitting magazine, only to be swept up in the newest patterns? Oh, I might have gone to one of the local yarns stores and bought new yarn for one of said new patterns? Or most likely, I just lost my freakin mind thinking this would get finished in a month. Try years. YEARS! I frankly just forgot about it. All of my pretty little swatches just sitting there all alone. Well, no longer my knitting friends! Out this project has come to be finished in all its knitting glory. I just need some accountability. Keep me on track. As I sit here though, my swatches are just sitting in my knitting bag staring out at me. Scornfully, I might add…


boatnecksweaterI finally got the Sloping Hem Boatneck Sweater all finished. I changed a few things. The most obvious being that I seamed it wrong side out according to the pattern. I decided that I liked the stockinette side much better with this yarn. It’s Billow by Knit Picks and the texture of it looked funny in reverse stockinette stitch. I had to change my cast on for the sides to 22 stitches. However, I would have been happier if was a tad longer on the sides, so 30 stitches might have been better. I love, love this yarn but not really a fan of it with this pattern. I would have liked it much better with a non textured yarn. I now have a sweater to wear just in time for summer…