photo-2I repaired the Summer Tank Top. The straps are the perfect length and I added a hem to stop the edge from rolling and to take up a little bit of the length.  It fits perfectly and it looks great. I can mark it off as a finish. All done. Ready to wear. Now if the weather would start cooperating…

On another note, new yarn came in the mail. I started the Sloping Hem Boatneck pattern using Billow from Knit Picks.  The color is Gosling which is a soft gray with almost a hint of mint green. I love, love this yarn. It is so soft and supple. The drape is amazing. I want to make everything out of this yarn.

This yarn is a bulky weight, which the pattern calls for, but I could not for the life of me reach the recommended gauge. I am, for the most part, getting stitch gauge. I cannot get the row gauge at all. In fact, it seems impossible. Scratch that, it is impossible. So, I am just winging it. It is a rustic type yarn, thick and thin. I don’t know if that is what is affecting the row gauge. Doesn’t really matter.  This pattern is easy enough to just keep measuring and go.

This is the gauge swatch for the pattern. I am about half way done with the sweater. I am really excited about this sweater and this yarn.



It’s so pretty!!!


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