boatneckThis is the unraveled mess that became the Boatneck sweater. I was halfway done with the front when I became a little suspicious. I began muttering that this thing looks waaaay too long. I knew that my row gauge was off. I knew. I cannot deny this fact. I, however, choose to ignore that fact and proceed full speed ahead with the pattern. Well, let me tell you something. I got smart and pinned it together with clips and “holy crap Batman!”, this thing was going to hit at my knees. I want a sweater not a a dress. Commence the frogging of the entire front half of the sweater. Sigh..

(I did proceed to drink 2 pitchers of sangria with Tiffany and Kellee right afterward to take the edge off. It helped. Next time I will listen to those voices in my head telling me this is never going to come out right.)

But the show is back on the road. I have the front done, the back and now I’m on the other shoulder. Should be done very soon if I didn’t have to work lunch tomorrow, go to a graduation for the best girl ever, then celebrate her awesomeness afterward. I’m proud of you my baby girl Sophie.

Back to the pattern. I had to change the cast on for the front and back to 22 stitches. Increase every 6 rows. ¬†I made the shoulders 4.5 inched and am kinda winging it on the width. I want a 39 inch bust, which isn’t in the pattern.

I think with this yarn that I like the stockinette stitch side verses the reverse which is the right side in the pattern. I’ll wait till I’m finished before I decide.

Happy Knitting!


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